Golf Course Photographer

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The photography world has many different genres and therefore various areas of expertise. Golf course photography is one of those areas that is closely related to landscape photography, and even if golf is a sport, this type of photography is fairly distant from the usual “sports photography”.

Golf course photographers need to have the ability to capture the beauty of space in dramatic and subtle light, while composing the photo with different shapes, forms, undulations, textures, greens — so the photography appeals to future-golfers.

The post-production is very important as well, since it’s ultimately necessary to optimize the colours…

Photography Technique

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Photographers have the power to capture the world around us, to tell a story without worlds and language. Unfortunately, photographs are still images, but many of the best photographs are not static, they contain movement.


Photographers use motion techniques to communicate a sense of speed, activity, and the passage of time.

By using the Motion Blur technique, the photographer can create dynamic images of moving subjects, including crowds of people, vehicles, people playing sports, animals.

This technique is a relatively easy technique to use once you have the basics down (Your First Steps as a Photographer).

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Street Photography is probably one of the most challenging but at the same time one of the most rewarding genres of photography. For photographers, this isn’t an easy task, documenting people in their everyday environment is challenging. It’s necessary to see what it isn’t seen by most people; the photographer is almost required to wear different type of eyes every time, in a sense.

This is photography with action: even if the photographer is standing still the world around him is not, it changes with every person that comes and goes.

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With the internet it’s easy to have access to photo editing software and a digital camera, this way it’s simpler to break the barriers to entry into the practice of photography. Therefore, the number of professional photographers and photography companies has also spiked up in the last few years. This means that there’s more offer and with that comes more options, that may or may not complicate your process of choosing the right one for your needs.

Thus, before a brand or company contacts any kind of photographer, it should first know what are the business needs and what questions…

Medical Photographer

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Photography plays an essential part in documenting medical procedure. It can be a little surprising to have a professional specialist trained to capture this information, but they do exist.

In the video above you can hear the testimony of Martha Whiffen, 27, who is based at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge and has won a number of awards for her work.

Medical Photography is a specialized are of photography that concerns itself with the documentation of the clinical presentation of patients, medical and surgical procedures, medical devices and specimens from autopsy.

“You get the picture the first time, or you…

Photography Technique

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What’s photography without light? Nothing, zero, impossible, simply doesn’t work, nada.

Light is the element that makes photography possible — that’s why it’s so important for photographers to understand this element.

But what is light painting?

Like Double-Exposure, it’s a photographic technique that uses a moving, and most of the times mobile, light source to add light under-illuminated subjects, while taking a long-exposure photograph.

Photography as a form of self-expression

Julia Margaret Cameron in an 1870 portrait by her son, Henry Herschel Hay Cameron.

Julia Margaret Cameron was a British photographer that came to be known as one of Britain’s most famous photographers in the 19th century. Although her start in photography was relatively late in life.

Cameron’s known for her style — soft-focus close-ups of famous Victorian men -, creating illustrative images depicting characters from mythology, Christianity and literature. However, not everyone was a supporter of her work, since she was constantly criticized, but we will cover this further ahead.

She started photography when, at 48, one of her six children gave her a camera as a present, a gift meant to provide…

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

As we said before on our article “Why High-Quality Photos Are Important to Your Business” (you can read the full story by clicking the on the link) professional photos are an important representation of your business values and mission. Therefore, it’s essential that the photos that’re on the homepage are appealing to your audience.

In other words, your visual content must be optimized and curated for your customers and search engines, since it’s important to appear on the first few results pages. …

Funeral Photography

@Shaun Foulds, funeral photographer and videographer.

In general photography is considerate as a positive, fun and joyful activity. It’s a place to explore our creativity and share with others our journey. Around the world professional photographers are requested to take part on our most important moments, immortalizing these moments: birthdays, important events, accomplishments... That’s why having someone ask you to photograph a funeral is obviously very different, on many different levels.

Being a funeral Photographer is about seeking out moments of kindness and compassion as everyone gather to say goodbye.

Shaun Foulds, funeral photographer and videographer.

Funerals normally aren’t the kind of events people like…

Photography as an art-form

Gustave Le Gray, self-portrait, 1847 — with his Daguerreotype camera

Gustave Le Gray, 1820–1884, has been called “the most important French Photographer of the nineteenth century”, because of his technical innovations and all the new ideas he brought to photography.

Le Gray was originally a painter, a former student of Paul Delaroche. While living in Italy, he painted portraits and scenes of the countryside, between 1843–1846. He soon joined the photography world when it was still on the early years of its development.

His firsts daguerreotypes, made in 1847, were influenced by his time has a painter, since his early work includes mostly portraits, scenes of nature and a few…


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