Photography Technique

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Photographers have the power to capture the world around us, to tell a story without worlds and language. Unfortunately, photographs are still images, but many of the best photographs are not static, they contain movement.


Photographers use motion techniques to communicate a sense of speed, activity, and the passage of…

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Street Photography is probably one of the most challenging but at the same time one of the most rewarding genres of photography. For photographers, this isn’t an easy task, documenting people in their everyday environment is challenging. It’s necessary to see what it isn’t seen by most people; the photographer…

Photography Technique

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What’s photography without light? Nothing, zero, impossible, simply doesn’t work, nada.

Light is the element that makes photography possible — that’s why it’s so important for photographers to understand this element.

But what is light painting?

Like , it’s a photographic technique that uses a moving, and most of the times mobile, light source to…

Photography as a form of self-expression

Julia Margaret Cameron in an 1870 portrait by her son, Henry Herschel Hay Cameron.

Julia Margaret Cameron was a British photographer that came to be known as one of Britain’s most famous photographers in the 19th century. Although her start in photography was relatively late in life.

Cameron’s known for her style — soft-focus close-ups of famous Victorian men -, creating illustrative images depicting…

Funeral Photography

@Shaun Foulds, funeral photographer and videographer.

In general photography is considerate as a positive, fun and joyful activity. It’s a place to explore our creativity and share with others our journey. Around the world professional photographers are requested to take part on our most important moments, immortalizing these moments: birthdays, important events, accomplishments... That’s why having…

Photography as an art-form

Gustave Le Gray, self-portrait, 1847 — with his Daguerreotype camera

Gustave Le Gray, 1820–1884, has been called “the most important French Photographer of the nineteenth century”, because of his technical innovations and all the new ideas he brought to photography.

Le Gray was originally a painter, a former student of Paul Delaroche. While living in Italy, he painted portraits and…


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